I offer consulting in the areas

Product Management for Software, Apps and Online-Media
Project Management
Software Production
Agile Software Production
... and a lot more.

You could also benefit from my 20 years of experience in designing and managing software and online media.

Concept Development

Together with you, I'll develop the product concept and translate the business ideas into detailed software requirements.

For many years I have written concept papers, detailed software requirements or wireframes for my clients, either in German or English.

Depending on the project type and recipient group of the concept, these concepts can have very different characteristics, e.g.

User stories with acceptance criteria
Wireframes and prototypes
Text and graphs
System diagrams

Interim Management

... as Product Manager, Project Manager, IT Manager, Scrum Master or Scrum Product Owner:

Project Management

Whether it is an international project team with dozens of participants on three continents or two developers at the neighboring table - with my project management, all project goals will be met without the involved people being worn out.

I have experience with more than a hundred software and online projects of all types and sizes, and I offer you both classic project management (e.g. based on the waterfall model) as well as agile approaches.
My project management service can be provided in English or German.

Product Management: When Project Management meets Concept Development...

...and marketing, product communication, technology and support, always looking at the business goals and budgets - then we are talking about product management, the supreme discipline in software management.

Let us work together to design a Champions League-level software product that will conquer the market because it...
... adds value to the user
... is easy and intuitive to use
... is fun and looks good
... is reliable
... offers comprehensive help pages and competent customer service
... is well documented and
... was professionally brought to market

Scrum Master und Scrum Product Owner

Hagen Bender was officially certified as Scrum Master by ScrumAlliance

About me

I've worked as an employee for ten years, e.g. as Department Head "Web Development" for pixelpark AG and as Product Manager for eBay Germany. Since 2009, I am a Freelance Consultant and Interim Manager.

Please feel free to download my CV.


My References

... and you too? Many companies have already benefited from my 20 years of experience in conception and management of software and online media.

Please feel free to download my reference list.